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Customized Luxury Press-On Nail Set

Customized Luxury Press-On Nail Set

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This Set of 10 Handmade Luxury Nails is for people who are specific about what sort of nail design they would like created. For example, if you are looking for something for a special occasion to match an outfit, or saw a design you want to customize, our artist can make it happen. 

Design Level Options: 

Solid Color- every nail is painted exactly the same in a solid color. This does include Reflective Glitter, Cat Eye and Chrome color options. 

A little Bit-o-Gnar- Do you love an accent nail or two? This is the option for you  2-3 nails will be designed to accentuate the rest of the solid color set. These nails act like the cherry on top of a sundae, as it adds just a pinch of bling and indulgence. 

Balanced Gnar- This option is for those that want half of their set decked out and the other half a solid color. 4-6 nails will have some elaborate decoration while the others complement and enhance the more gnarly nails. 

Totally Gnarly- 100% of the nails will be decorated with great detail and coordinate together. All nails aren’t exactly identical but will certainly complement each other for a show-stopping set.  This option is for those that love fine detail and aren’t afraid to be bold. Every nail will be a piece of art. 

This is a 10pc set and you will definitely need to know what shape, length and sizes you want. A complimentary sizing kit can be provided if you don’t know your exact sizes, just select SIZING kit Comp when adding your item to the cart. 

What is included:

  • ALL nail orders include 10 hand-painted custom press-on nails that are tailored to your unique sizes. 
  • Consultation time via email to discuss the nail art you are looking to have created (free downloadable nail art planner available if you would like to create a design yourself)
  • Free Sizing kits upon request after order submitted (will send out after order placed and before final nails are created)

Important Information Before Ordering:

  • We offer one of a kind nail sets and prefer each order to be as unique as you are. If you have seen a design you like on our social accounts, or in our gallery,  we can modify it to suit your style. All nail designs are customizable in nail length, nail shape and colors
  • Please make sure you measure your nails properly before ordering, Gnarly Boutique will not be responsible for wrong nail sizes given. We are happy to help answer any sizing questions you have at time of ordering


  • All nails are custom designed and fit to your unique nails and as a result please allow for 1-2 weeks after I have received your measurements to ship your order.
  • Rushed processing is available for an additional fee

NOTE: Please make sure you measure your nails properly before ordering, Gnarly Boutique will not be responsible for wrong nail measurements given. I am happy to help answer any sizing questions you have.


  • Wear these temporary nail enhancements for a special event, a quick zoom meeting, running errands, meetings and so much more! With the tabs included you will be able to get 1-3 days wear (when applied properly) giving you the ability to take the nails off and on as needed allows for more options for wear ideas.
  • If temporary nail enhancements are applied with nail glue (not included) you will be able to get 1-2 weeks of wear (when applied properly)
  • Nails are reusable when properly taken care of
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